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If perfection were a physical existence on earth 
you'd be the object of every angel in heavens dreams. All I wanna do is caress
your mind till you drift into the farthest abyss of heaven with no limit on time
and your essence dripping licks of fire from the inferno of passion coursing
through your veins and between your thighs. My hormones go insane at
the sight of your body, but my mind faces far more stimulation from the depth
of your words, ____. If only God could bless me with the power to touch your heart
, mind and impress you, to hold your face and show you my intention isn't just to
swoon and undress you then you'd understand how impactful the grace of your
hands between mine feel, or the mental captivation your tongue causes when both
our lips touch and seal. I know men in your life haven't left the best impressions,
sessions of beautiful words, sex, and promises that weren't ever again mentioned
and I know my past and persona make it an even harder task. "This nigga
just running game, his hoes seeing the same mask plus he a party head his words
better off unsaid", I'm sure that's plagued your mind in my presence, I see your
hesitant, but I once read a quote that said "You are who you are, and what you
are will show in time. What you aren't can be hidden, but eventually it will come
to light" and the truth is your so incredible if you were the only flower in my
sight I'd put you in a vase and show everyone how impeccable the most beautiful
flower I've ever encountered is and how it has brought out the true me and replaced
my unforgettable past. If it's you I know. I'm corny I know but my third eye tells
no lies and when I see you I can't find the right replies and lies can't seem to
form and my body grows
so warm that the ice on my very being thaws. This isn't
me being emotional drake venting, I'm taking time off my work break to creatively
make you feel how the epitome of a woman should be and I have no doubt your
a god sent waterfall in my 100 year dry drought.

X3 # 9
With eyes that can burn through 
the barriers of the mind,
and a body capable of creating
the most pleasurable eruptions
-You are the finest sin, the most
 desired gem in heels..When
my fingers break through the bun
 of hair upon your head, and
 like a flower in bloom those golden
 strands implode and drench
 my hands, no words could outshine
actions..You stand above me,
like a goddess hovering over her throne
 as a gust of gas emerges
from my lips, and your fingertips..they
 bless every part of your own
body as you move erotically to the
 pace we've set, and the music
glossing inside our ears..Today's outfit
 slips down against your
cheetah heals which click against my
sides when you lower your body
down to the mortal realm from the sheets of paper
enshrouding the floor around you as
 if they were tiles..Your hips dip
down to my own , vibrating and
 motioning for more..for a greater
sensation as my head rolls back..
blurred vision catching glimpse of
the red tinted walls around me, and
the clouds of smoke that inhabits stand straight and lean
over as every lustful desire creeps
into my mindset..your lips closer to
 my own, your teeth greeting your
bottom lip as if nothing in this world
brought you greater pleasure..
freshly done french tips wrap
around my neck while a thick gust of
smoke blows from my mouth into
yours..We share the moment,
and nothing is of greater importance
then us, our mortal sins and
that room..

X3 # 8
Beautiful gem who shines 
like a comet in the sky, and
makes all other women seem
like rocks in comparison.
I have been brought the
most gorgeous happiness
the blessing of your sweet
words once again, the gift of your
brilliant face in
my eyes, sharing
the air I breath with a person so
so magnificent that all the
diamonds in the sky would ask her
permission to glow..
You are as
tender as a rose in nature, with a
beautiful interior incomparable to
anything under the sun and a soft,
gentle exterior that could make the
knees of
the strongest heart weak.
Never has my eyes traced the outline
of a more perfect
example of near-
perfection.. My lips ache to crash against
your own like waves
of a beautiful ocean
in sync, and my hands twitch to run
through your dreamy
hair with only the
intention of accepting your presence,
and appreciating every
moment beside
your beauty. You are as pure as an
angel, as jawdroppingly
excellent as the
creation of the moon and the worlds, and
as intelligent as the
most aged philosopher.
You are unspoiled elegance beyond words
phrases. Clearly you are in a class of
your own my exquisite porcelain doll,
such dignity and class that no other could
hope to reach in a lifetime,
charisma that my mind can't seem to break
away from - like venom
you have entered
my veins and infected my body with your
magnificence, and I
would have it no other
way, no other treasure could match that
of my priceless
Queen and the thought of
bringing her happiness every morning,
twilight, and
evening - May you please honor
this humble servant of your magnificence
your gentle hand in marriage, that I
may give you all the adoration in the world
as your husband until we meet again in the
next world?

X3 # 7

My infatuation with the concept behind women goes beyond the simple “search and destroy” mode usually equipped to us males. What goes through a woman’s mind, what she feels and what she wonders about from second to second is an incredible thing to theorize. Women are so casually  labeled as emotional creatures who nag and annoy because it is in their nature, but I know that’s far from true. Their are so many hidden thoughts, and feelings that as men we do not take into account when approaching a woman and making judgement of her. Who am I to call a random girl a smut or a bitch or whatever the case? Do I know what she’s lived through? I never stepped foot in any girl’s shoe to make any decision on what she should be labeled. I may never in my life have the mindset to be able to relate thought for thought or emotion for emotion but I do believe their are secrets within every flirtatious, arrogant, shy, self confident or self conscious female that do not take an appropriate amount of time to be touched upon by their significant other. The way she loves, the way she falls out of love, her relation to going out and getting high to staying home and keeping to herself - males share the same characteristics, but their are so many details that we lack and completely disregard. I’m gradually just building a love for the mystery of a female, a mind so built on trial and error, so advanced yet complex and ambiguous - the emotions of a woman are so deep and interesting. For someone like me, who is way too young , to have found this interest so early when others have lived full lives and have never given it a second glance - its a shame. I could only apologize on behalf of my gender and hope that we learn to be more insightful..

X3 # 6

This night life is becoming like a cycle, a patient piece of gold waiting at the end of every week. Meeting up with friends I could care less about, building anticipation and passion for a lack of awareness and an energy explosion has never made me feel so real. The colors white, brown, purple, and green were never more surreal then they are now to me. Looking in the face of loved ones knowing that in the hours to come they will be nothing more then portraits in the back of my head..Building and styling my apparel for the lustful eyes of roses full of thorns who won’t ever love anything beyond what I could become..It’s the routine to die for. Then the golden moment, in the moment, with the comfort of whomever between my hands and the lightness between my ears - all of my boys in the background spilling their black words to golden ears of unsuspecting victims, roses..trying to find the next big story between four walls and a living arrangement..My vocabulary is suddenly as broad as a colosseum and my eyes are as heavy as my better judgement as the rose in front of me leans closer to hear what I have to say.. Gentle, excited, faded and all of a sudden void of thorns. My memory becomes just as faded, and all the stories I hear from the night before even I wouldn’t find credible..But the seeping loneliness after coming back to my senses is just too familiar, so I don’t ask questions I don’t care to know, I just wait for the week to end. Maybe I’m just waiting for something else to end..I don’t know what I’m saying..

X3 # 5

How fiery and vibrant is the emotion of happiness, but what a distant dream it is to many! To find bliss and sanity in even one sole moment, to experience a sea of emotions from the trigger of one event or one choice of words, one phrase or compliment can makes a person’s entire month. So much peace can be spread and scattered throughout the world with just a few motions of the mouth, just a few jerks of the fingertip across a keyboard. What human being is undeserving of happiness, the ultimate barrier to depression - to insanity? What woman or man should be exiled from the title of beautiful, or useful? Why should certain brothers and sisters of ours be criticized because of physical traits beyond their control, or a lack of charisma or a life choice of their choosing? The sanctuary that is happiness is blind, the endless abyss of love accessible to everyone can be delivered to anyone. Think of the joy that can be passed down to a people like pollen from a bee to various plants, how you can easily use your creativity to leave a statement of hope or renew ones self esteem. What can you lose from that? How joyous would karma be then! If we came together as one to uplift each other, if differing opinions transformed into different view points rather then different rumors would the earth not house an easier way of living? Happiness is an extreme necessity, as if in the family of air and water, without happiness does a potential heaven not become an inferno? A demon manipulative enough to trick souls into destroying themselves? As you see the next day, and look towards a fresh sky, let us move together in unity towards the dream of love, and peace.

X3 # 4
Like a waterfall shattering against
the top of my existence, like
a planet crashing
the core of my heart in
an apocalyptic manner- I am
drenched with a new
of fight or flight, I am stuffed
with adrenaline and a unique,
calculative desire to win, to be
victorious in the mundane surroundings
everyday life! To strive ahead
of all the competition and
naysayers whose only
is to put down the minds of
weaker mortal minds around
them, to flatter and
my fan club on an every day
basis as their negativity is repelled
by a
mindset far lovelier than
any other barrier - I am set and
ready - my veins,
every inch of
my being is ready to jump out
of the very flesh that restrains
as I awaken in the morning,
as my eyes die out in the night.
No feeling, no
emotion is more
satisfying then the arrogant,
self fulfilling desire of victory,
to fly ahead of the flock not
only in intelligence but in all
other aspects as
well. I sit smug
on a throne made of leather as
I feed my ambition, throwing
and discarding into the inferno
of persistence that has engulfed
all negativity,
who has burnt
and destroyed all shreds of
human weakness and emotional
limitations and has left nothing
at all behind besides a god like
lust for
success, a dark, merciless
unforgiving longing for a higher
form of humanity. My
mind, my
heart, my desires and expectations
have all reached a new height- a
deeper, hardened rebirth fighting
towards dreams once left broken
tarnished with a resolve similar
to a tiger behind a weaker animal.
I am hungry,
more so than ever
before in the entirety of my existence,
and I will not be

X3 # 3

Under a shower of angels disguised as stars and goddess’ among humans, you stand out so considerably – as if you were a trumpet amongst harmonicas, the symphony of your voice blocks out all other audio – all other forms of intoxication pale in comparison to your potion, the way your mind lingers on my ears and my mind and my heart and my soul - it is unmatchable. You are unrivaled, unrivaled beneath the sun and the moon, you continue to surpass my minds limitations and my basic understanding of women and their minds and their ways – you are constantly shooting down my theories and my foundations for those theories. As if starting completely anew, a burning flame - you are like a tower of Babel shooting through my heart – bringing a sharp array of emotions and feelings and voices into my mind, into my very being and scattering them about. Every fiber, every aspect of who I am seems to desire your presence more and more by the second. The period of time that I can catch my young mind on another subject is rare and gradually shortening and the desire I have for you and the foreshadowing of our future paints a vivid, brilliant picture everyday in my mind. If the Gods were to bring me any greater gift it would be to spend more seconds beside you and if I were to be acknowledged with any wish at all – it would be your presence when I awaken, your words when I slumber, your love throughout the day, your kisses during blank points. A shattered heart is a vibrant, mortal wound – but genuine love is a vibrant, moral healer and perhaps with time your hurt can part and allow more love to find its way in – but for now, I am content with this seemingly never ending fountain of emotion, these thoughts and this mindset that evolves each night, each hour.

X3 # 2
In the face of adversity, in the
shadow of despair and
hopelessness it is your
your relevant words that shine
through my mind, my veins,
and through my
eyes as an
overflowing waterfall of hope
and salvation sought by any
and every
teenager in the
valley of sadness. You've slowly
slipped into the realm of a
necessity, and I have no idea
how this is. Your lovely words
as beautiful as a
rose in the
awakening of summer, your
consistent actions that cement
position as the apple of
my eye never cease to amaze
me - as the thought will
flee my mind that you are
anything below an angel, or
some sort of
existence. My dear, dear queen
of beauty - queen of all things
extravagant and radiant - your
fluent movements are a spectacle,
the way you
move like a winter
breeze and freeze my heart to the
core with your aurora
leaves my
flabbergasted, never has my
eyes rested on a more beautiful
event, a
more radical creature.
To look upon you, to be given
the privilege to be near to
Why it is as if I am looking
against a Goddess, as if I am
fighting my
human nature just
feeling the warmth of your skin.
Is it a sin to feel what I
feel when
my fingertips run through your
hair? When your skin presses
mine? Should I repent after
releasing my tongue from its
captivity when I gaze
upon you?
After releasing the hold my hands
have on your frame? Or is that
purpose, to seduce and
reduce, to bring forth these wicked,
gorgeous emotions. I
can not tell,
and I can not lie, and in all of the
things that I've witnessed
fantasized upon not one thing has
come within human comprehensions
to you, to your remarkable
beauty and your remarkable mind
set. From your mind,
to your soul,
to your heart, to your body, you are
the closest thing to
perfection our
human species has received, and oh
I'd be nothing short of a fool
if I
were to let you leave my grasp, and
oh you'd miss a creation of the
masterpiece degree if you did.

X3 # 1
From a variety of women you
have been chosen and I write you
this poem, it is rash
it may be full of complications
but it expresses my impression.
You are as amazing as
a solar
eclipse and more gorgeous then
a meteor shooting across the
guiding and leading me
with the mere trace of your beauty.
You are the star that
shines over
me during the night, you illuminate
me from afar and I am the poet
drowns in your otherworldly beauty,
who writes you these lines of
and attraction aiming for
your smile, for your joy. Never has
God presented me a
more worthy
beauty, a more lovely damsel. You
have surpassed all boundaries of

my minds limitations and have shown
me beauty unrivaled and untamed.
I do love
to speak again and again
with you, delicate queen. You are
as great to this
night as the moon,
being as you hover over my mind -
ah - you resemble a winged angel
from heaven unto the curious eyes
of us mortals that fall back to gaze
upon your
beauty, and I am infatuated.
The brightness of your blush cheeks
would shame stars
as daylight shames
a lamp; your heavenly eyes would
brighten the region so
bright that birds
would become disoriented mistaking
night for day, for your
eyes.. They are
two of the fairest stars in all the
heavens, those eyes, and I can't help
but think how lucky am I for you.

Late Night Venting/FIN
Midnight is here, stars in
 the sky while I type on my
phone and I yawn and I
 from the outskirts of my
 window a sad angel in tears.
 Throwing things and
 wings off the bonds that she
 shared with others who appeared
 trying to
settle her anguish
 but to no luck as she teared
 and she panicked. And as I
looked on I began to imagine
 what kind of past she must
 have had and its sad
 women go through so many
 hardships and their rep become
 tarnished and
hearts become
 garbage, and if I had the power
 I would become a hero of love
of fairness who could
 distribute the right justice
 with awareness. I could come
climb to the window that is
nearest and settle the tears
of a female who has
lost it,
people find things to pick out
and boost it, floss it. She may
done things that were
costly but no girl deserves to
be tossed b, we all human,
theirs so many honeys out here
so we still choosing, so no need
for abusing -
because theirs
plenty more, we need to keep
our women clean and good and
shore keep em away from
sinking cause that kind of thinking
could be the
beginning of some
wasted sinning, and some crying
women, and we don't need any

of that. A woman killed herself,
how many times you hear that?
Its a cruel
world, I pop some x
because I love the o's she popping
back, never typical we
laugh and
she known for how she never slack,
but in her mind their is pain,
drained, she's slumped in the back
- she living in a world where everything
white and black, and difference
is apparently something we seem to
lack - we
different though because
apparently nobody is the same and
shit is lame because
she'll never know
a true difference, calm in the air like
we all just lit some incense
and layed
backed and chilled, while somewhere
in the world their is a human
being killed.
 Where is the fair in that? While we
work to make our pockets fat
their are
heads coming in contact with bats and
interact with some cats under
cloudless sky, as time flies by and a
sad woman stands by to hear the
about how her only man died and
loses it, and as I sit in my room doing
stupid shit I walk towards my
window, wishing I was a hero, damn.

Late Night Venting # 9

To an amazing human being who occupies the other end of this phone line,
I think you are the most gorgeous expert at conversation, the most deepest ocean of beauty, the most kindest soul, and the brightest sun I have ever encountered.
Speaking to you is as if I am speaking to a mortal version of heaven, and when
I hear your voice I feel as if I am leaning against the gates of St.Peter, basking
in perfection. You argue with me that you aren’t perfect, that a perfect girl is a
fantasy and does not exist, then please explain to my mind why I find so many
perfections in you, so many positives and such a lack of negatives. From the way your mind operates to the way your face formulates smiles, from the way your eyes look to the brilliant way that you laugh.You have become a light to my sore days, and a highlight to an amazing day. How rare is it to find such common ground with such a diverse soul, an open spirit, an omega of brilliance. You are a flame among ice, a moon between stars, and love piercing hate. How lucky am I to have met you, to have been blessed with such a grandiose human being, such a splendid soul<3

Late Night Venting # 8
Your dark and cunning eyes, 
they aren't too shy to run
through and around the
frame of another. Your mind is
incomparable, and your senses,
they are sharp like the tips of
rose thorns. I would love to be
an architect for something
that you and I can be, with a wild
range of options and beautiful designs
racing around my mind. A draft
with options, endless possibilities
before us like a rainbow road beneath
the heavens. We may come apart, we
may come close, but my plans are
brilliant, picturesque, brightly hued -
and I will not rest until we are nothing
shorter than a masterpiece. A Romeo
without Juliet, a lock without key, a lock
in need of repair, and I feel as if you
could be a remedy.You are like the honey
that attracts bees, whistling dirty songs
in lust with the sweetness of your
appearance, your looks. Soften your
heart princess, you are as gorgeous as
the moon - and no beautiful heart should
be so hidden from sight, not in gentle
hands. I would like to change our
possibilities and form them into a reality.
Your soft hand, my own, I want you in
eyesight - always, for the rest of my life
and further. You are like a beautiful ray of
light shining upon a dark and gloomy forest,
and slowly turning it into a paradise. You are
an entity far deeper than words can explain,
for you are an entity who does not exist,
the silhouette of a lonely heart.

Late Night Venting # 7

Gentle kisses blessed upon your lips, with soft finger tips slowly lifting your thighs upon my own - I want your mind to enter another realm when I bite your lip once and cross over to your neck, your chest upon mine as I hold your lower back - slowly caressing my fingers within your dimples, slowly speeding up the pace of my lips. I want the exstacy of your body to make you twitch with pleasure as I drop your adrenaline filled body into the sheets - my body sliding up against yours as I arch your leg up and kiss your soft lips - kissing you gently, then roughly, and then pulling away altogether leaving you craving more. But as generous as I am to you, as affectionate a lover, I remove your garments - and my tongue ventures the beginning of your chest as the stars in the sky begin to align, and the ceiling becomes a sky, and the bed paradise. My tongue slowly but surely rolls down your chest in a snake like motion, leaving no part untouched as I run my hand through your hair - giving it a light pull as I finally reach your breast, and unroll my tongue upon the tip of it. In every direction, in every motion, my tongue secures your pleasure while my hand pulls your hair according to the tempo of my tongue - when I bite, my fingers pull, when I suck, my fingers twist - and the motion continues as I switch over to the other. All the while your body is in heaven, it is going crazy uncontrollably and you have no desire to make it stop. While I take my time your body makes haste, as you touch yourself while I slowly reach the ending of your stomach, running my fingers across the inside of your thighs to the outer parts and sliding my body back on to yours roughly, allowing my knee to rub between your legs as I kiss you passionately again, with fire and emotion. We kiss longer, and our faces are crushing together before I release you and slide all the way down, licking your left thigh, and then licking the right before gliding the tip of my tongue slowly across your button, making sure that you feel the warmth, the satisfaction that comes from another. As I begin to work between you, your ankles meet, and your mind goes weak. Circular motions, sucking and fast swipes have never brought your emotions to such a high and you begin to understand it more and more. As I finish below you, my own garments are removed, and I slowly slide between you, laying you on your right side as I sit below you with one hand grasping your waist and my vline crashing against the back of your thigh. The melody of your sounds, the joy that courses through your body brings me such emotion that I am only forces to too move more swiftly within you, more viciously , and your body can’t take it - as your stomach begins to falter and all which has been building up, all the feelings of exstacy, released in one large burst of emotion from within you as do I. As the sky begins to lighten, and the moon has transformed into a sun, I lay beside you and hold you dear to my chest and gently against my heart as we allow the evenings actions to sink into our minds.

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